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Integer number = Integer.valueOff 808.1″);
Which is true about the above statement?
A. The value of the variable number will be 808.1
B. The value of the variable number will be 808
C. The value of the variable number will be 0.
D. A NumberFormatException will be throw.
E. It will not compile.
Correct Answer: D

Which three are advantages of the Java exception mechanism? 1Z0-808 pdf
A. Improves the program structure because the error handling code is separated from the normal program function
B. Provides a set of standard exceptions that covers all the possible errors
C. Improves the program structure because the programmer can choose where to handle exceptions
D. Improves the program structure because exceptions must be handled in the method in which they occurred
E. Allows the creation of new exceptions that are tailored to the particular program being created
Correct Answer: ACE

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What would be the output, if it is executed as a program? 1Z0-808 dumps
A. name =, pass =
B. name = null, pass = null
C. name = null, pass = false
D. name = null pass = true
E. Compile error.
Correct Answer: C

Given the code fragment:
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Which modification enables the code to print 54321? 1Z0-808 pdf
A. Replace line 6 with System, out. print (–x) ;
B. At line 7, insert x –;
C. Replace line 6 with –x; and, at line 7, insert system, out. print (x);
D. Replace line 12 With return (x > 0) ? false: true;
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following data types will allow the following code snippet to compile?
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A. long
B. double
C. int
D. float
E. byte
Correct Answer: BD

Which usage represents a valid way of compiling java source file with the name “Main”?A. javac Main.java
B. java Main.class
C. java Main.java
D. javac Main
E. java Main
Correct Answer: A

Which two are Java Exception classes? 1Z0-808 dumps
A. SercurityException
B. DuplicatePathException
C. IllegalArgumentException
D. TooManyArgumentsException
Correct Answer: AC

Which two are valid array declaration?
A. Object array[];
B. Boolean array[3];
C. int[] array;
D. Float[2] array;
Correct Answer: AC

Which two are benefits of polymorphism? 1Z0-808 pdf
A. Faster code at runtime
B. More efficient code at runtime
C. More dynamic code at runtime
D. More flexible and reusable code
E. Code that is protected from extension by other classes
Correct Answer: CD

Which three statements are true about the structure of a Java class? 1Z0-808 dumps
A. A class can have only one private constructor.
B. A method can have the same name as a field.
C. A class can have overloaded static methods.
D. A public class must have a main method.
E. The methods are mandatory components of a class.
F. The fields need not be initialized before use.
Correct Answer: ABC

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