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Vendor: CompTIA
Certifications: Project+
Exam Name: Project+ (2009)
Exam Code: PK0-003
Total Questions: 320 Q&As
PK0-003 dumps
A project’s deliverable has been assigned to a team located in a different country. Although it is understood that daily reports are due by close of business every weekday, the external team’s reports are consistently being delivered after business hours.
Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?
A. The external project team did not understand the report requirements due to the language barrier.
B. External project team members are always allowed to deliver reports late.
C. The project manager has not taken into consideration the time zone difference.
D. Cultural differences between the project manager and the external team were not considered.
Correct Answer: C

Some of the stakeholders are losing interest in the project because of its length. Which of the following should the project manager implement in this situation?
A. Remove the stakeholders who are losing interest to ensure successful completion of the project.
B. Limit communication with the stakeholders to the bare minimum and only report on the progress and not the issues.
C. Implement a concise and reoccurring communication plan which focuses on the project goal and accomplishments.
D. Review the project goal with the stakeholder and allow them to make the appropriate changes to keep them interested.
Correct Answer: C

The project manager is reviewing the Pareto chart to identify if the life cycle of a deliverable is producing software bugs. Which of the following are represented in the chart? PK0-003 dumps (Select TWO).
A. Number of work units affected by the bug
B. Percentage of bug types occurring
C. Software bug counts
D. Root cause of bug occurrence
E. Affect of the bug occurrence
Correct Answer: BC

Which of the following can be used as a quality metric when performing quality planning?
A. Quality control
B. Cost benefit analysis
C. Perform preventative actions
D. Quality assurance
Correct Answer: B

A key supplier has informed the project manager that there will be a two month delay to fulfill an order.
Which component of the project plan is affected and which of the following actions should be taken?
A. Evaluate the project schedule and raise a project issue.
B. Manage project quality and schedule a meeting.
C. Implement approved changes by utilizing a change management form.
D. Manage scope and consider a project change request.
Correct Answer: A

A project is nearing completion. Which of the following tasks is required to ensure continuity after the project closes?
A. Transition ownership to operational team
B. Extended support delivered by project members
C. Ensure the operation team provides warranty prior to handover
D. Periodic training of project team resources
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following scheduling algorithms establishes floats, durations, and paths between work schedule activities?
Correct Answer: C

The project manager wants to report to the stakeholders to date project’s cost performance. If the total of completed work to date is $200,000 and the actual cost is $210,000, which of the following is the cost variance?
A. -5%
B. 5%
C. -$10,000
D. $10,000
Correct Answer: C

Two project resources have been involved in several heated arguments based on approaches to meet project requirements. The first resource is convinced that the requirement is invalid, whereas the second resource believes that the requirement is valid but should be solved a certain way. As a project manager, which of the following is a suitable conflict resolution approach to attempt to remedy the situation?
A. Attempt `smoothing’ and `negotiation’ techniques
B. Threaten to report both employees to HR due to bullying
C. Make an executive decision as the project manager
D. Escalate the matter to the project sponsor
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following should be used when determining the details of a project component or scopeentry? PK0-003 dumps
A. WBS Dictionary
B. Project Management Plan
C. Work Breakdown Structure
D. Project Charter
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is BEST suited for assigning resources to WBS tasks?
A. WBS defines functional teams which should then be mapped to project scope items
B. WBS contains the project schedule which should be used to determine timing of when to engage functional teams
C. WBS defines the description of the end result delivered by the project
D. WBS defines activities and deliverables that can be mapped to functional teams
Correct Answer: D

During the course of a project, key stakeholders have requested new requirements after the business requirements document has already been signed off. Which of the following should have been performed earlier in the project in order to deal with this situation?
A. Ensure that stakeholders understand that once requirements are approved the scope cannot be changed.
B. Develop a clear communications flow between the project and business stakeholders.
C. Perform multiple rounds of requirements solicitation before permanently locking down the scope.
D. Agree on a process to deal with project change requests.
Correct Answer: D

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