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10Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance (SWSA)Lead4PassNov 22, 2022[Updated Nov 1, 2022] 300-725 dumps questions
New Question 1:

Which configuration mode does the Cisco WSA use to create an Active Directory realm for Kerberos authentication?

A. Forward

B. Connector

C. Transparent

D. Standard

Correct Answer: D


New Question 2:

Which port is configured in a browser to use the Cisco WSA web proxy with default settings?

A. 8080

B. 8443

C. 8021

D. 3128

Correct Answer: D

Reference: (16)

New Question 3:

Which two modes of operation does the Cisco WSA provide? (Choose two.)

A. connector

B. proxy

C. transparent

D. standard

E. explicit

Correct Answer: CE


New Question 4:

Which statement about identification profile default settings on the Cisco WSA is true?

A. Identification profiles do not require authentication

B. Guest identification profile should be processed first

C. Identification profiles can include only one user group

D. AsyncOS processes identification profiles alphabetically

Correct Answer: A


New Question 5:

Which type of FTP proxy does the Cisco WSA support?

A. non-native FTP

B. FTP over UDP tunneling

C. FTP over HTTP

D. hybrid FTP

Correct Answer: C


New Question 6:

What causes authentication failures on a Cisco WSA when LDAP is used for authentication?

A. when the passphrase contains only 5 characters

B. when the passphrase contains characters that are not 7-bit ASCI

C. when the passphrase contains one of the following characters `@ # $ % ^\’

D. when the passphrase contains 50 characters

Correct Answer: B


New Question 7:

What is the function of a PAC file on a Cisco WSA?

A. The file allows redirection of web traffic to a specific proxy server

B. The file is mandatory for a transparent proxy to redirect user traffic

C. The file provides instructions about which URL categories are permitted

D. The file is mandatory for an explicit proxy to forward user traffic

Correct Answer: A


New Question 8:

Which two sources provide data to Cisco Advanced Web Security Reporting to create dashboards? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco WSA devices

B. Cisco ISE

C. Cisco ASAv

D. Cisco Security MARS

E. Cisco Cloud Web Security gateways

Correct Answer: AE


New Question 9:

An administrator wants to restrict file uploads to Facebook using the AVC feature.

Under which two actions must the administrator apply this restriction to an access policy? (Choose two.)

A. Monitor Facebook General

B. Monitor Social Networking

C. Monitor Facebook Photos and Videos

D. Monitor Facebook Messages and Chat

E. Monitor Facebook Application

Correct Answer: AC


New Question 10:

What is used to configure WSA as an explicit proxy?

A. IP Spoofing from the router

B. Network settings from the user browser

C. WCCP redirection from the firewall

D. Auto redirection using PBR from the switch

Correct Answer: B


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