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Which feature of ISE has the capability to encounter a device new on the market, and correctly profile it to onboard it
quickly and easily?
A. Centralized policy management
B. Platform exchange grid
C. Context-aware access
D. Device profiling
Correct Answer: C

What does ThreatGrid integrate?
A. File trajectory and time signatures
B. Threat intelligence and access control
C. File reputation and behavioral indications of compromise
D. Malware analysis and threat intelligence
Correct Answer: D

What is a key feature of Duo?
A. Provides SSL VPN
B. Authenticates user identity for remote access
C. Automates policy creation for IT staff
D. Supports pxGrid
Correct Answer: A

Which two products are involved in discovering, classifying, and verifying profiles? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Security Connector
B. Identity Services Engine
C. Industrial Network Director
D. Duo
E. Advanced Malware Protection
Correct Answer: AD

What are two solutions for Cisco Cloud Security? (Choose two.)
A. cloud data security
B. cloud-delivered security
C. advanced network security
D. intrusion prevention
E. cloud security
Correct Answer: BE

Which feature of ISE provides role-based access control and command level authorization with logging for auditing?
A. Platform exchange grid
B. TACACS+Device Administration
C. Context-aware access
D. Centralized policy management
Correct Answer: B

What are two reasons why perimeter-based network security is no longer sufficient? (Choose two.)
A. More users
B. More devices
C. More IT professionals
D. More networks
E. More vulnerabilities
Correct Answer: BE

What are the competing IT and Operation Technology (OT) priorities that make securing loT difficult?
A. Hackers vs safety
B. Malfunctions vs. output
C. Security vs availability
D. Innovation vs. manufacturing
Correct Answer: A

Which two Cisco products help manage data access policy consistently? (Choose two.)
A. Duo
B. Cloudlock
C. AMPforEndpoints
D. pxGrid
E. Steathwatch
Correct Answer: BD

Which two attack vectors are protected by Visibility and Enforcement? (Choose two.)
A. Cloud
B. Mobile
C. Endpoints
D. Email
E. Web
Correct Answer: AE

What are two common seller obstacles? (Choose two.)
A. Unresponsive potential customers
B. Overcrowded portfolios
C. Complexity of solution components
D. Seller competition
E. Fragmented solutions
Correct Answer: AC

Which two attack vectors are protected by MFA? (Choose two.)
A. Endpoints
B. Mobile
C. Cloud
D. Web
E. Data center
Correct Answer: DE

What are two capabilities of Cisco\\’s NGFW Identity Based Policy Control feature? (Choose two.)
A. security enforced at the DNS layer
B. access to multiple data layers
C. access to Trojan downloader
D. see and share malware details
E. threats stopped from getting in and spreading
Correct Answer: AB

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