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Free test Cisco CCNP Cloud 300-465 Exam questions and Answers

An engineer is designing a multitenant data center using Cisco validated design practices. The engineer must ensure
that traffic is security segregated between tenants at the core layer and aggregation layers.
Which design must be implemented to accomplish this task?
A. VRF-Lite on the core and aggregation layer routing infrastructure
B. strict core and aggravation level QoS traffic shaping
C. strict core and aggregation level QoS policing
D. disparate VLANs across the core and aggregation layer switching infrastructure
Correct Answer: A

A customer has deployed a new e-commerce application that is hosted in a private cloud. The application is used
globally on a 24-hour basis. The customer wants to ensure that user transactions do not negatively affect website
performance and wants to prevent loss of service due to the traffic load.
Which two actions will harden the web environment? (Choose two.)
A. Implement a web application firewall
B. Use antivirus software to protect the application web server
C. To maintain communication, ensure that the web application is on the same LAN as the other servers
D. To protect from malicious attacks, avoid a public-facing application
E. Use a DDoS appliance to protect the application
Correct Answer: AE

A cloud architect is designing new cloud infrastructure and wants to employ security best practices in the
Which Cisco best practice must the engineer consider?
A. Ensure that AAA is enforced
B. Minimize vulnerabilities
C. Minimize the total security cost
D. Simplify use access to the environment
Correct Answer: A

A cloud engineer is designing a three-tiered application for deployment in a private cloud. The initial installation of the
application has the following disk space requirements for the three VMs.
Iaas_vm01-60 GB
Iaas_vm02-80 GB
Iaas_vm03-100 GB
The deployment uses only 60 percent of this space. The customer has 160 GB of available storage.
Which provisioning option should the engineer choose for these VMs?
A. Configure the VM disk format as thin provisioned
B. Configure the VM storage as thick provisioned
C. Install a compressed image of the OS on the servers
D. Use an ext4 file system upon installation, to enable the VMs to fit
Correct Answer: A

A company that is implementing a cloud solution has purchased Cisco UCS with Cisco ONE listening, but unexpected
demands have left the system nearly 100% utilized.
Which cloud model must be used in these current conditions?
A. public
B. community
C. hybrid
D. private
Correct Answer: C

A cloud administrator is considering the appropriate solution to automate a hybrid cloud deployment. The solution
requires a single pane of glass infrastructure management, monitoring, health dashboard, orchestration, and a self-
service portal.
Which solution is most appropriate for this environment?
B. Cisco UCS Director
C. Cisco IAC
D. Cisco Enablement Platform
Correct Answer: A

A cloud administrator is considering deep packet inspection to secure the cloud infrastructure.
Which three statements about DPI are true? (Choose three.)
A. The use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute, or block packets with specific data or code
B. DPI does not require updates and revisions to remain optimally effective.
C. DPI is an advanced method of packet filtering that functions at the application layer of the OSI.
D. DPI examines only packet headers.
E. DPI is essential in protecting the cloud against malicious threats such as web exploits, zeroday attacks, data
exfiltration, and malware-based botnets.
F. DPI can increase computer speed because it decreases the burden on the processor.
Correct Answer: ACE

Which three statements about thick provisioning are true? (Choose three.)
A. Unused space is available for use by other virtual machines.
B. Disk has all space allocated at creation time.
C. Before writing to a new block, a zero must be written.
D. The entire disk space is reserved and is unavailable for use by other virtual machines.
E. The size of the VMDK, at any point in time, is as much as the amount of data written out from the VM.
F. Operates by allocating disk storage space in a flexible manner among multiple users, based on the minimum space
required by each user at any given time.
Correct Answer: BCD
Explanation: A thick disk has all space allocated at creation time. This space may contain stale data on physical
media. Before writing to a new block a zero has to be written, increasing the IOPS on new blocks compare to Eager
disks. The entire disk space is reserved and unavailable for use by other virtual machines.

An organization wants to reduce mistakes made in the deployment of infrastructure configuration.
Which two Cisco UCS Director automation tasks accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)
A. VM migration between private and public clouds
B. Chargeback data analysis
C. PSC integration for self-service IT
D. Cisco UCS service profile deployment
E. LUN provisioning and FC zoning
Correct Answer: AD

An engineer is designing a new public cloud infrastructure. Which two compliance standards are met if the engineer
deploys according to the Cisco VMDC architecture? (Choose two.)
C. ISO 27001
E. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Correct Answer: BD

Which two Cisco products can help an organization move toward an automation-driven policy model? (Choose two.)
A. UCS Director
C. UCS Performance Manager
D. Nexus 1000V
Correct Answer: AE

Which three hypervisors are able to support High Availability for Virtual Machines? (Choose three.)
A. Microsoft Virtual PC
B. Citrix
C. Parallels Desktop
D. HyperV
E. RedHat
F. VMWare
Correct Answer: BCF

An engineer must enable the Layer 2 migration of virtual machines between public and private clouds.
Which Cisco automation tool accomplishes this goal?
A. UCS Director
B. Prime Service Catalog
C. CloudCenter
Correct Answer: C

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