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CySA+ (Plus) Cybersecurity Analyst Certification: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/cybersecurity-analyst

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to
configure and use threat detection tools, perform data analysis and interpret the results to identify vulnerabilities, threats and risks
to an organization, with the end goal of securing and protecting applications and systems within an organization.

Latest updates CompTIA cs0-001 exam practice questions


A security analyst has just completed a vulnerability scan of servers that support a business-critical application that is
managed by an outside vendor. The results of the scan indicate the devices are missing critical patches. Which of the
following factors can inhibit the remediation of these vulnerabilities? (Choose two.)
A. Inappropriate data classifications
B. SLAs with the supporting vendor
C. Business process interruption
D. Required sandbox testing
E. Incomplete asset inventory

Correct Answer: CD


A company has received the results of an external vulnerability scan from its approved scanning vendor. The company
is required to remediate these vulnerabilities for clients within 72 hours of acknowledgement of the scan results.
Which of the following contract breaches would result if this remediation is not provided for clients within the time
A. Service level agreement
B. Regulatory compliance
C. Memorandum of understanding
D. Organizational governance

Correct Answer: A


Risk management wants IT to implement a solution that will permit an analyst to intercept, execute, and analyze
potentially malicious files that are downloaded from the Internet.
Which of the following would BEST provide this solution?
A. File fingerprinting
B. Decomposition of malware
C. Risk evaluation
D. Sandboxing

Correct Answer: D


A security analyst positively identified the threat, vulnerability, and remediation. The analyst is ready to implement the
corrective control. Which of the following would be the MOST inhibiting to applying the fix?
A. Requiring a firewall reboot.
B. Resetting all administrator passwords.
C. Business process interruption.
D. Full desktop backups.

Correct Answer: D


A company office was broken into over the weekend. The office manager contacts the IT security group to provide
details on which servers were stolen. The security analyst determines one of the stolen servers contained a list of
customer PII information, and another server contained a copy of the credit card transactions processed on the Friday
before the break-in. In addition to potential security implications of information that could be gleaned from those servers
and the rebuilding/restoring of the data on the stolen systems, the analyst needs to determine any communication or
notification requirements with respect to the incident. Which of the following items is MOST important when determining
what information needs to be provided, who should be contacted, and when the communication needs to occur.
A. Total number of records stolen
B. Government and industry regulations
C. Impact on the reputation of the company\’s name/brand
D. Monetary value of data stolen

Correct Answer: B


A cybersecurity analyst has several SIEM event logs to review for possible APT activity. The analyst was given several
items that include lists of indicators for both IP addresses and domains. Which of the following actions is the BEST
approach for the analyst to perform?
A. Use the IP addresses to search through the event logs.
B. Analyze the trends of the events while manually reviewing to see if any of the indicators match.
C. Create an advanced query that includes all of the indicators, and review any of the matches.
D. Scan for vulnerabilities with exploits known to have been used by an APT.

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following describes why it is important for an organization\’s incident response team and legal department
to meet and discuss communication processes during the incident response process?
A. To comply with existing organization policies and procedures on interacting with internal and external parties
B. To ensure all parties know their roles and effective lines of communication are established
C. To identify which group will communicate details to law enforcement in the event of a security incident
D. To predetermine what details should or should not be shared with internal or external parties in the event of an

Correct Answer: A


A security analyst, who is working for a company that utilizes Linux servers, receives the following results from a
vulnerability scan:

certificatedumps cs0-001 q8

Which of the following is MOST likely a false positive?
A. ICMP timestamp request remote date disclosure
B. Windows SMB service enumeration via \srvsvc
C. Anonymous FTP enabled
D. Unsupported web server detection

Correct Answer: B


When reviewing network traffic, a security analyst detects suspicious activity:

certificatedumps cs0-001 q9

Based on the log above, which of the following vulnerability attacks is occurring?
A. ShellShock
C. Zeus
D. Heartbleed

Correct Answer: E


The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has decided that all accounts with elevated privileges must use a longer,
more complicated passphrase instead of a password. The CISO would like to formally document management\’s intent
to set this control level. Which of the following is the appropriate means to achieve this?
A. A control
B. A standard
C. A policy
D. A guideline

Correct Answer: C


A system administrator has reviewed the following output:

certificatedumps cs0-001 q11

Which of the following can a system administrator infer from the above output?
A. The company email server is running a non-standard port.
B. The company email server has been compromised.
C. The company is running a vulnerable SSH server.
D. The company web server has been compromised.

Correct Answer: A


Considering confidentiality and integrity, which of the following make servers more secure than desktops? (Select
C. Trained operators
D. Physical access restriction
E. Processing power
F. Hard drive capacity

Correct Answer: BCD


A security analyst was asked to join an outage call for a critical web application. The web middleware support team
determined the webserver is running and having no trouble processing requests; however, some investigation has
revealed firewall denies to the web server that began around 1.00 a.m. that morning. An emergency change was made
to enable the access, but management has asked for a root cause determination. Which of the following would be the
BEST next step?
A. Install a packet analyzer near the webserver to capture sample traffic to find anomalies.
B. Block all traffic to the webserver with an ACL.
C. Use a port scanner to determine all listening ports on the webserver.
D. Search the logging servers for any rule changes.

Correct Answer: D

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