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Latest IAPP CIPT exam List

CIPT Certification – Iapp: https://iapp.org/certify/cipt/

[2020.6] IAPP CIPT exam practice questions(1-5)

During a transport layer security (TLS) session, what happens immediately after the web browser creates a random
A. The server decrypts the PremasterSecret.
B. The web browser opens a TLS connection to the PremasterSecret.
C. The web browser encrypts the PremasterSecret with the server\\’s public key.
D. The server and client use the same algorithm to convert the PremasterSecret into an encryption key.
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://books.google.com.pk/books?id=OaXise4B-p8Candpg=PA175andlpg=PA175anddq=iapp+During+a+t
ransport+layer+security+(TLS)+session,+what+happens+immediately+after+the+web+browser+creates+a+random +Pr
nsport% 20layer%20security%20(TLS)%20session%2C%20what%20happens%20immediately%20after%20the%20we


SCENARIO Carol was a U.S.-based glassmaker who sold her work at art festivals. She kept things simple by only
accepting cash and personal checks. As the business grew, Carol couldn\\’t keep up with demand, and traveling to festivals
became burdensome. Carol opened a small boutique and hired Sam to run it while she worked in the studio. Sam was a
natural salesperson, and business
doubled. Carol told Sam, “I don\\’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!”
But months later, the gift shop was in chaos. Carol realized that Sam needed help so she hired Jane, who had business
expertise and could handle the back-office tasks. Sam would continue to focus on sales. Carol gave Jane a few weeks
to get acquainted with the artisan craft business and then scheduled a meeting for the three of them to discuss Jane\\’s
first impressions. At the meeting, Carol could not wait to hear Jane\\’s thoughts, but she was unprepared for what Jane
had to say. “Carol, I know that he doesn\\’t realize it, but some of Sam\\’s efforts to increase sales have put you in a
vulnerable position. You are
not protecting customers\\’ personal information like you should.”
Sam said, “I am protecting our information. I keep it in the safe with our bank deposit. It\\’s only a list of customers\\’
names, addresses, and phone numbers that I get from their checks before I deposit them. I contact them when you finish
a piece
that I think they would like. That\\’s the only information I have! The only other thing I do is post photos and information
about your work on the photo-sharing site that I use with family and friends. I provide my email address and people send
me their information if they want to see more of your work. Posting online really helps sales, Carol. In fact, the only
complaint I hear is about having to come into the shop to make a purchase.”
Carol replied, “Jane, that doesn\\’t sound so bad. Could you just fix things and help us to post even more online?”
`I can,” said Jane. “But it\\’s not quite that simple. I need to set up a new program to make sure that we follow the best
practices in data management. And I am concerned for our customers. They should be able to manage how we use
personal information. We also should develop a social media strategy.”
Sam and Jane worked hard during the following year. One of the decisions they made was to contract with an outside
vendor to manage online sales. At the end of the year, Carol shared some exciting news. “Sam and Jane, you have
such a great job that one of the biggest names in the glass business wants to buy us out! And Jane, they want to talk to
you about merging all of our customer and vendor information with theirs beforehand.”
Which regulator has jurisdiction over the shop\\’s data management practices?
A. The Federal Trade Commission.
B. The Department of Commerce.
C. The Data Protection Authority.
D. The Federal Communications Commission.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R45631.pdf


Which of the following suggests the greatest degree of transparency?
A. A privacy disclosure statement clearly articulates general purposes for collection
B. The data subject has multiple opportunities to opt-out after collection has occurred.
C. A privacy notice accommodates broadly defined future collections for new products.
D. After reading the privacy notice, a data subject confidently infers how her information will be used.
Correct Answer: D


Kyle is a new security compliance manager who will be responsible for coordinating and executing controls to ensure
compliance with the company\\’s information security policy and industry standards. Kyle is also new to the company,
where collaboration is a core value. On his first day of new-hire orientation, Kyle\\’s schedule included participating in
meetings and observing work in the IT and compliance departments.
Kyle spent the morning in the IT department, where the CIO welcomed him and explained that her department was
responsible for IT governance. The CIO and Kyle engaged in a conversation about the importance of identifying
meaningful IT governance metrics. Following their conversation, the CIO introduced Kyle to Ted and Barney. Ted is
implementing a plan to encrypt data at the transportation level of the organization\\’s wireless network. Kyle would need
to get up to speed on the project and suggest ways to monitor effectiveness once the implementation was complete.
Barney explained that his short-term goals are to establish rules governing where data can be placed and to minimize
the use of offline data storage.
Kyle spent the afternoon with Jill, a compliance specialist, and learned that she was exploring an initiative for a
compliance program to follow self-regulatory privacy principles. Thanks to a recent internship, Kyle had some
experience in this area and knew where Jill could find some support. Jill also shared the results of the company\\’s privacy
risk assessment, noting that the secondary use of personal information was considered high risk.
By the end of the day, Kyle was very excited about his new job and his new company. In fact, he learned about an open
position for someone with strong qualifications and experience with access privileges, project standards board approval
processes, and application-level obligations, and couldn\\’t wait to recommend his friend Ben who would be perfect for
the job.
Ted\\’s implementation is most likely a response to what incident?
A. Encryption keys were previously unavailable to the organization\\’s cloud storage host.
B. Signatureless advanced malware was detected at multiple points on the organization\\’s networks.
C. Cybercriminals accessed proprietary data by running automated authentication attacks on the organization\\’s
D. Confidential information discussed during a strategic teleconference was intercepted by the organization\\’s top
Correct Answer: A


What must be used in conjunction with disk encryption?
A. Increased CPU speed.
B. A strong password.
C. A digital signature.
D. Export controls.
Correct Answer: C

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Latest Isaca CISM exam List

CISM Certification | Certified Information Security Manager | ISACA:https://www.isaca.org/credentialing/cism

[2020.6] Isaca CISM exam practice questions (1-5)

The BEST approach in managing a security incident involving a successful penetration should be to:
A. allow business processes to continue during the response.
B. allow the security team to assess the attack profile.
C. permit the incident to continue to trace the source.
D. examine the incident response process for deficiencies.
Correct Answer: A
Since information security objectives should always be linked to the objectives of the business, it is imperative that
business processes be allowed to continue whenever possible. Only when there is no alternative should these
processes be interrupted. Although it is important to allow the security team to assess the characteristics of an attack,
this is subordinate to the needs of the business. Permitting an incident to continue may expose the organization to
additional damage. Evaluating the incident management process for deficiencies is valuable but it, too. is subordinate to
allowing business processes to continue.


Which of the following is the MOST important consideration for an organization interacting with the media during a
A. Communicating specially drafted messages by an authorized person
B. Refusing to comment until recovery
C. Referring the media to the authorities
D. Reporting the losses and recovery strategy to the media
Correct Answer: A
Proper messages need to be sent quickly through a specific identified person so that there are no rumors or statements
made that may damage reputation. Choices B, C and D are not recommended until the message to be communicated is
made clear and the spokesperson has already spoken to the media.


Which of the following would help to change an organization\\’s security culture?
A. Develop procedures to enforce the information security policy
B. Obtain strong management support
C. Implement strict technical security controls
D. Periodically audit compliance with the information security policy
Correct Answer: B
Management support and pressure will help to change an organization\\’s culture. Procedures will support an
information security policy, but cannot change the culture of the organization. Technical controls will provide more
security to an information system and staff; however, this does not mean the culture will be changed. Auditing will help
to ensure the effectiveness of the information security policy; however, auditing is not effective in changing the culture of
the company.


The FIRST step in developing an information security management program is to:
A. identify business risks that affect the organization.
B. clarify organizational purpose for creating the program.
C. assign responsibility for the program.
D. assess adequacy of controls to mitigate business risks.
Correct Answer: B
In developing an information security management program, the first step is to clarify the organization\\’s purpose for
creating the program. This is a business decision based more on judgment than on any specific quantitative measures.
After clarifying the purpose, the other choices are assigned and acted upon.


Organization XYZ, a lucrative, Internet-only business, recently suffered a power outage that lasted two hours. The
organization\\’s data center was unavailable in the interim. In order to mitigate risk in the MOST cost-efficient manner,
the organization should:
A. plan to operate at a reduced capacity from the primary place of business.
B. create an IT hot site with immediate fail-over capability.
C. install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator.
D. set up a duplicate business center in a geographically separate area.
Correct Answer: C

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Latest NCLEX NCLEX-PN exam List

NCLEX & Other Exams | NCSBN:https://www.ncsbn.org/nclex.htm

[2020.6] NCLEX NCLEX-PN exam practice questions (1-5)

The mother of a newborn child is very upset. The child has a cleft lip and palate.
The type of crisis this mother is experiencing is __________.
A. reactive
B. maturational
C. situational
D. adventitious
Correct Answer: C
The arrival of the imperfect child that the mother had not envisioned places the mother in a situational crisis.
Reactive is not an option.
Maturational is an identified specific time period in normal development when anxiety and stress increase.
Adventitious is a crisis that occurs outside the person\\’s control so that the person has a disruption in social norms.


The nurse can best communicate to a client that he or she has been listening by __________.
A. restating the main feeling or thought the client has expressed
B. making a judgment about the client\\’s problem
C. offering a leading question such as, “And then what happened?”
D. saying, “I understand what you’re saying.”
Correct Answer: A
Restating allows the client to validate the nurse\\’s understanding of what has been communicated. It\\’s an active
listening technique.
Regarding Choice “making a judgment about the client\\’s problem”, judgments should be suspended in a nurse-client
Choice “offering a leading question such as, “And then what happened?” is incorrect because leading questions ask for
more information rather than showing understanding.
Choice “saying, “I understand what you’re saying.” communicates understanding, but the client has no way of
measuring the understanding.


An advance directive is written and notarized according to law in the state of Colorado.
This document is legal and binding __________.
A. internationally
B. in the state of Colorado only
C. in the continental United States
D. in the county of origination only
Correct Answer: B
Choices “internationally”, “in the continental United States” and “in the county of origination only” are incorrect.
Advance directive protocols and documents are defined by each state.


When a client informs the nurse that he is experiencing hypoglycemia, the nurse provides immediate intervention by
providing __________.
A. one commercially prepared glucose tablet
B. two hard candies
C. 4-6 ounces of fruit juice with 1 teaspoon of sugar added
D. 2-3 teaspoons of honey
Correct Answer: D
The usual recommendation for treatment of hypoglycemia is 10-15 grams of a fast-acting simple carbohydrate, orally, if
the client is conscious and able to swallow (for example, 3-4 commercially prepared glucose tablets or 4-6 oz of fruit
It is not necessary to add sugar to juice, even if it is labeled as unsweetened juice because the fruit sugar in juice
contains enough simple carbohydrate to raise the blood glucose level. Addition of sugar might result in a sharp rise in
sugar that could last for several hours.


The PN is preparing a patient for discharge and the discharge medications include phenobarbital.
Which of these patient statements would indicate a need for reinforced teaching about this medication?
A. “It\\’s best to take this medication with food.”
B. “I can\\’t wait to get back to my nightly glass of wine.”
C. “I should try to take this medication at the same time every day.”
D. “I will need to avoid eating excessive leafy greens.”
Correct Answer: B

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