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New Question 1:

On a FlexVPN hub-and-spoke topology where spoke-to-spoke tunnels are not allowed, which command is needed for the hub to be able to terminate FlexVPN tunnels?

A. interface virtual-access

B. IP nhrp redirect

C. interface tunnel

D. interface virtual-template

Correct Answer: D

New Question 2:

Which statement about GETVPN is true?

A. The configuration that defines which traffic to encrypt originates from the key server.

B. TEK rekeys can be load-balanced between two key servers operating in COOP.

C. The pseudotime that is used for replay checking is synchronized via NTP.

D. Group members must acknowledge all KEK and TEK rekey, regardless of configuration.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit. Which two tunnel types produce the show crypto IPSec sa output seen in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. crypto map



D. FlexVPN


Correct Answer: BE

New Question 4:

Which two changes must be made in order to migrate from DMVPN Phase 2 to Phase 3 when EIGRP is configured? (Choose two.)

A. Add NHRP shortcuts on the hub.

B. Add NHRP redirects on the spoke.

C. Disable EIGRP next-hop-self on the hub.

D. Enable EIGRP next-hop-self on the hub.

E. Add NHRP redirects on the hub.

Correct Answer: CE

New Question 5:

Refer to the exhibit. A customer cannot establish an IKEv2 site-to-site VPN tunnel between two Cisco ASA devices. Based on the Syslog message, which action brings up the VPN tunnel?

A. Reduce the maximum SA limit on the local Cisco ASA.

B. Increase the maximum in-negotiation SA limit on the local Cisco ASA.

C. Remove the maximum SA limit on the remote Cisco ASA.

D. Correct the crypto access list on both Cisco ASA devices.

Correct Answer: B

New Question 6:

Which method dynamically installs the network routes for remote tunnel endpoints?

A. policy-based routing


C. reverse route injection

D. route filtering

Correct Answer: C


New Question 7:

Which command identifies a Cisco AnyConnect profile that was uploaded to the flash of an IOS router?

A. svc import profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

B. anyconnect profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

C. crypto vpn anyconnect profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

D. webvpn import profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

Correct Answer: C


New Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit. Which value must be configured in the User Group field when the Cisco AnyConnect Profile is created to connect to an ASA headend with IPsec as the primary protocol?

A. address-pool

B. group-alias

C. group-policy

D. tunnel-group

Correct Answer: D


New Question 9:

Refer to the exhibit. What is configured as a result of this command set?

A. FlexVPN client profile for IPv6

B. FlexVPN server to authorize groups by using an IPv6 external AAA

C. FlexVPN server for an IPv6 dVTI session

D. FlexVPN server to authenticate IPv6 peers by using EAP

Correct Answer: A


New Question 10:

Which configuration construct must be used in a FlexVPN tunnel?

A. EAP configuration

B. multipoint GRE tunnel interface

C. IKEv1 policy

D. IKEv2 profile

Correct Answer: D

New Question 11:

A Cisco AnyConnect client establishes a SSL VPN connection with an ASA at the corporate office. An engineer must ensure that the client computer meets the enterprise security policy. Which feature can update the client to meet an enterprise security policy?

A. Endpoint Assessment

B. Cisco Secure Desktop

C. Basic Host Scan

D. Advanced Endpoint Assessment

Correct Answer: D

New Question 12:

Which two features provide headend resiliency for Cisco AnyConnect clients? (Choose two.)

A. AnyConnect Auto Reconnect

B. AnyConnect Network Access Manager

C. AnyConnect Backup Servers

D. ASA failover

E. AnyConnect Always On

Correct Answer: CD

New Question 13:

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client has been configured to use IKEv2 for one group of users and SSL for another group. When the administrator configures a new AnyConnect release on the Cisco ASA, the IKEv2 users cannot download it automatically when they connect. What might be the problem?

A. The XML profile is not configured correctly for the affected users.

B. The new client image does not use the same major release as the current one.

C. Client services are not enabled.

D. Client software updates are not supported with IKEv2.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 14:

Under which section must a bookmark or URL list be configured on a Cisco ASA to be available for clientless SSLVPN users?

A. tunnel-group (general-attributes)

B. tunnel-group (webvpn-attributes)

C. webvpn (group-policy)

D. webvpn (global configuration)

Correct Answer: D

New Question 15:

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the exhibit, why are users unable to access CCNP Webserver bookmark?

A. The URL is being blocked by a WebACL.

B. The ASA cannot resolve the URL.

C. The bookmark has been disabled.

D. The user cannot access the URL.

Correct Answer: C

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